Optimise video ad campaigns

Go beyond traditional video analytics. Discover what your audience is thinking.

Providing emotional impact analytics for your video content.

Emotion Analysis

Emotion Analysis For Video Marketers

We enable brands, agencies and media companies to confidently target optimized content to the right audiences. Imagine how much more powerful viewer engagement could be if you knew a viewer's emotional state as they consumed your content.

What if you could:

Measure viewers emotional response to video content

Better understand viewer response with a simple analytics dashboard

Benchmark the effectiveness of your videos

Make data-driven decisions on media spending


How it works

People share access to their webcams; using computer vision and machine learning, we track their facial expressions and report in real time about how your audience really feels about your content.


Frame-by-frame analysis to detect rapid emotions.


Rapid scaling of processing capabilities to deal with sudden bursts of demand.


Detects natural, low intensity expressions precisely.


Accuracy across range of facial types, ethnicities, lighting conditions, occlusions and backgrounds.

"EmotionReader technology will revolutionize the way we understand video content"

Liam Price
VP of Business Development

"EmotionReader empowers digital content owners to make more informed marketing decisions"

Senior Business Development Executive

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