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"Our mission is to bring emotional intelligence to video content using our proprietary AI technology, which senses and analyses facial expresses to detect human emotion"

Padraig O’Leary

Emotion AI Platform

patent-pending software

Our patent-pending software is built on an emotion AI platform that uses computer vision and deep learning. We are computer vision PhDs, media company veterans, research experts, and computer science professors, joined together for this one purpose.


Meet the team

Padraig O’Leary PhD

Track record of high impact R&D. Formerly, Assistant Professor for Software Engineering in the School of Computer Science (ranked 43rd in the world) at the University of Adelaide and Research Fellow at the Irish Centre for Software Engineering. A Ph. D. from the University of Limerick, Ireland, specialising in software development optimisation techniques.

Stephen Moore PhD

An expert in the area of AI, machine learning, and computer vision with 10 years of experience building and designing systems for real-world use cases. A proven leader holding several C-level positions in AI startups including CTO of IMRSV, a facial analysis company acquired in 2015. PhD in Computer Vision from the University of Surrey, UK, specializing in the area of facial expression recognition.

Tim McAtee

Digital media veteran and experienced research company executive with a history of producing innovative research tools for organizations including IPG Media Lab, Ogilvy & Mather, IBM, Clear Channel, GM, and Google. Author of dozens of digital marketing books and ad tech analyst reports.

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