Deep learning Scientist

Job description:

A driven machine learning and computer vision engineer to join our core technology team. You should have a strong background in applied mathematics, optimization, machine learning, and software development. We are working on research problems on a product development timeline, so you should be enough of a scientist to be able to understand and implement your average ICCV paper, and enough of a hacker to be able to immerse yourself in challenging tasks.

  • Research and development in detection, classification, segmentation and retrieval problems
  • Train models and Tune models images and videos.
  • Work closely with software engineers to transfer research prototypes to scalable real world production systems.
  • PhD with experience AI, Deep learning, Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • At least 5 years experience working on Deep learning techniques including Tensorflow, Teras, Theano and Keras.
  • Publications/Journals in top computer vision conferences and journals (ICCV, ECCV, CVPR etc) or similar industry experience.
  • History of achieving state-of-the-art in one of the following computer vision areas: detection, classification, segmentation and retrieval
  • Good communication and able to work independently and accept responsibility on projects.
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