With EmotionReader, you can optimise digital content and media spend by measuring consumers emotional response to videos, ads and TV shows – unobtrusively and at scale.


Deep learning specifications

Patented deep learning and computer vision algorithms that capture real world subtle expressions such as attention, joy, surprise and dislike. These algorithms are trained on real data captured from different demographics, races and ages groups from all around the world with a database of over one million images. Emotion reader also extracts exact age of the subject and gender.


Technical Specifications


Can add new measurements in response to customer demand.


Frame-by-frame analysis to detect rapid, subtle emotions.

Multiple faces

Valuable for group applications, such as digital signage and kiosks in retail environments.


Detects natural, low intensity expressions.

Platform independent

We have mobile sdk’s, desktop sdk’s, cloud api’s and browser extension to capture emotions on any platform anytime.


Accuracy across range of facial types, ethnicities, lighting conditions, occlusions, and backgrounds.

High Accuracy

Behavioral experts processing large datasets leads to highest quality output.

Reporting API

Use our easy analytics REST API to integrate your data with your own systems.

latest deep learning architectures

Several of the latest deep learning architectures have been applied to maximise our performance.

Patent pending algorithms

Patent pending algorithms to extract emotion from video using domain specific knowledge


Mobile SDK Deliverables

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution for client side facial analysis. We provide a wealth of real-time, anonymous information about your audience.
Providing all of this information through one easy-to-integrate SDK reduces development complexity, and allows you to build in emotional reaction features and engage your users more effectively

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